This game was made for GamesJobsLive Game Parade game jam (11th - 18th October 2020). The theme is Seize the Day.

Fullscreen is recommended.
Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys to Move
Shift to Run
Left Click to Interact
Space to Select Dialogue Option

It's Halloween, and you need to pee!

Rush through a spooky house party as you search for the bathroom, and quickly escape before your anxiety catches up with you. Solve puzzles as you make your way through a haunted manor.

In this fast-paced action game, you are faced with cursed puzzles, supernatural creatures and, most terrifyingly, the consequences of your own actions.


Cute and spooky 3D art style perfect for the Halloween season
Evolving gameplay across procedurally-generated rooms
Witty dialogue and a cast of adorable ghouls and ghosties
Original music and comprehensive sound design

We hope you enjoy our game!


Olly Mills: Programmer, door god and "art director"
Bee: Character Artist, Animator and Necromancer
Anna Latchman: 3D Artist and general helpful person
Benjamin Williams: Producer, Writing and Game Design
Frogkaro: Programmer, Generalist, Bubsy 3D Enthusiast
Christopher Alex: Composer and Game Audio

Source Code can be found at Github


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I was playing this game and then i peed like a ton and filled my hole home up with pee gurggleing it rn lol love tonya

really fun and silly! great concept, great execution!

10/10 I really like the way the puzzles you have to 'solve' all require you to unsolve them in order to leave. Music was really solid too. Like the re-shuffling of the rooms for replayability :D

10/10 Pretty fun game also I love the artstyle and the music

10/10 Really fun, great replayability too!


10/10 'bruh'


10/10 Great game even for beginners :D

10/10 only found one bug but to be expected from a week long game jam, great job! :)

10/10 Unique art style and concept, really cool little game that can be surprisingly challenging. 

10/10 great stuff keep up the good work quite enjoyed it highly reccomend it