This is a 2D roguelike RPG, where the goal is to beat the boss in the castle. You can walk straight in if you want, but you might need some gear first. The only problem, none of the merchants are being very honest about the products they're selling. 

Delve into the dungeon to earn gold and level up so you can afford those merchant's fees and beat the boss. Don't delve too deep without going back to shop for new gear or you'll never get a chance to spend all that gold.


WASD or Arrowkeys - movement

E - Interaction 

ESC - opens menu 


thedarkmagi - Dungeon generation & character movement. Dungeon, castle and overworld tilesets

WiddifulSA - combat system, stat system, UI, enemy design

bruinsee - inventory system, shop system <- those systems UI, transition shader, camera system

Kalobrienz - Character Art and Town buildings Kal's art made for this jam

ClarkMelodies - All music and SFX

Kenney - Font 


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